DLDSS-005 Father-in-law fucks daughter-in-law with great pleasure

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Since getting married, Suzume moved to live at her father-in-law's house. Her husband is a kind, gentle person who always loves her very much. The only thing is, his love life is not good, his small cock combined with premature ejaculation makes Suzume not feel anything. She still has to masturbate all the time to comfort her erotic body. Her father-in-law witnessed and knew everything. Since Suzume moved here, she has always had a habit of wearing revealing clothes, not wearing a bra, not wearing pants underneath, her T-back panties cannot cover her beautiful big round butt. My father-in-law has always wanted to fuck that killer body for a long time. When he witnessed Suzume having to masturbate, he knew his chance had come. When Suzume's husband went to work, her father-in-law immediately hugged her, squeezed her breasts, and touched her pussy. And just as he thought, her pussy was quickly soaking wet. At first Suzume continuously resisted, but gradually her body no longer obeyed her. Her father-in-law's skillful technique and giant cock also quickly captured Suzume's mind. And from then on, the two continued to fuck each other whenever Suzume's husband was absent. But even so, her husband still accidentally discovered it. He didn't want to lose her, so he used the excuse that his current house was a bit small and wanted to move out. Suzume agreed on the condition that she take her father with her. At this point, he knew he could no longer keep his beloved wife...

DLDSS-005 Father-in-law fucks daughter-in-law with great pleasure
 Movie Code: DLDSS-005 
 Actor: Suzume Mino